Council Or Surveyor

Here are two common questions we are asked

What is the difference between

Council and Building Surveyor

There are two types of permits required for project, Building permit and Planning permit

Building Surveyor

The First and most common is a Building permit, this permit is not issued by the council, they are not involved in any process. This permit is issued thru an independent Building Surveyor (RBS).

In this case the council are not associated in any way with the RBS, the council get notified a building permit is going to be issue at the site (notified by a Form 80).

The building surveyor is the only person that runs the project, when the plans are approved and endorsed (stamped) they send a copy to the council for record keeping. This is their only function is this case.

Council Planning

The second and uncommon is a Planning Permit

This is were the council is involved, it only relates to Planning permit, not to be confused with a building permit. This permit requirement only occurs if there is a planning overlay on the property or it is part of a unit development.

If a planning permit is required, this must be done first and approved by the council before a building permit can be issued.

The RBS is the only person that inspects the site during construction and issues approval at each stage

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