Rule Number 1

Today i had a client ring me to ask for help, They have done what they thought was right,

They are planning to build a large shed on their property in Lalor, they sought information from the council (they got something) and then spoke to the shed sales person.

He told them it's easy, the shed people will supply them all the information they need and all they had to do is submit them to the council.

This was done and as you can expect, they have opened a can of worms.

Rule No. 1, don't ask information from the council, unless it is a planning related question

Rule No. 2, don't use the council for a building permit,

Unfortunately the client have paid everyone, not they need and architect to answer the volume of questions raised by the council.

What no one told them, is plans, engineering, computations, soil test and full working drawings need to be done, it's not a matter of just handing in paperwork.

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