Orphaned Building Permits

During these troubled times, many Building Surveyors, have either gone under, disappeared or just didn't know what they were doing and caused many unsuspecting owners a great deal of heartache and stress.

Unfortunately as them may have found out by now, both the VBA and their local council are unwilling to help, even the local MP seems to be powerless against these issues.

However all is not lost, i was a victim of Simon Mattiske Building Surveyor (located in Mt Evelyn) although i was lucky enough to see the light early in my time but not quick enough to escape his wrath of destruction.

Unfortunately there are many others out there that are caught in a never ending loop of red taoe between the council and VBA. 

I have been able to help a few others and would like to offer my services for anyone that needs help

As more information is collect and results acheived this page will be update with all information so it may help others

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